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County Jail Inspection Released

May 02, 2014

An Inspection report released by the Illinois Department of Corrections found that the operation of the DeWitt County Jail meets all state standards.  The report also noted additional security measures and staff training have been introduced in the last year.  This is the first time in at least 15 years that the jail has met 100% of state mandates.  Sheriff, Jered Shofner credits his Corrections Staff and Jail Administrator Betty Smith for the positive report.  "They are highly professional and dedicated to running a safe facility", the Sheriff said.


For the last several years, the jail had been found in non-compliance with the Department of Corrections regulation requiring sentenced prisoners to be separated from non-sentenced prisoners.  The Sheriff said that has been intentional.  "Our primary goal is to prevent violence and keep the jail secure.  We value that more than meeting that state standard.  A benefit of our current lower inmate population is that we can comply with that particular state standard".


The full report can be viewed by clicking below.

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