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Free Weather Alerts Now Available

May 03, 2013





New features have been added to DeWitt County's Mass Notification System.  Citizens may now receive free weather alerts as they are issued by the National Weather Service.  In order to receive the weather alerts, you must click here and enroll.  The new feature takes advantage of the geographically based weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service.


This system can also be used to relay weather alerts and emergency public safety messages effecting your home while you are away from the area.


If you previously enrolled in the emergency notification system, but wish to receive the new weather alerts, you will need to re-enroll. It should only take a few minutes.


If you live in a rural area of DeWitt County, enrollment may require you to locate your home on an interactive map during the sign-up process.  When the interactive map appears, simply left click on the blue icon and drag it to the location of your home. 



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